Sausage Sizzle

The M&DIAI hosts an Italian Sausage Sizzle Competition each year, usually in August. If you have a soft spot for Italian sausages accompanied by delicious slices and cakes you can’t miss this event. The cost is $10 per person at the door, no bookings required.


If you missed our last competition, here is a recap of what you missed...


Six contestants, including to newcomers, presented their special blends of herbs, spices and wine to make their 5kg of regional typical Italian sausages.  A big thank you to Freckle Farm butchery for allowing the competitors to prepare their sausages at the Nebo Road premises.

Over 80 people attended the event and via their taste tests, voted on the best sausage of the day.  Congratulations to Jennifer Borg who was wearing her lucky 'Ciao Bella' shirt when she secured an overwhelming victory on the day. 

Although there was a clear winner, it was a tough decision with many people wanting to cast votes for more than one competitor because all of the sausages were of such a high standard. All of the competitors are winners in our books and we hope to see them back again next year!

The next Italian Sausage Sizzle is scheduled to be held on Sunday 8 August 2021.


The August 2021 Sausage Sizzle will again feature a people’s choice competition that sees different local Italian sausage recipes go against each other for the crown of best Italian sausage of the Mackay region. Contact us if you want to enter your secret family recipe in the competition.

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